Recommended Vitamins For Smokers

Quitting smoking or overcoming reliance on other behaviors—such as eating, drinking alcohol, drinking caffeine, sex, excessive exercise, and others—can be difficult. From addiction counseling and group therapy to nicotine-reduction aids and cold-turkey self motivation, there are any number of approaches for how to quit or reduce a habit. — John Smith Ph.D.

People are aware of the harmful effects of smoking most especially in the cardiovascular system as well as the respiratory system.  Despite these detrimental effects of smoking, getting rid of the habit is extremely difficult for smokers, and the rate of relapse is quite high also. To address this dilemma of curbing the addiction, it is best to be as healthy as possible in other aspects that are easily manipulated like sleep hygiene, exercise, and nutrition. Believe or not, studies show that smoking depletes the body of essential vitamins and minerals; thus, smokers are more susceptible to various illnesses.


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