Staying Motivated In Quitting Smoking (This Is What A Psychologist Has To Say)

The number of negative health effects related to cigarette smoking and exposure to secondhand smoke provide a myriad of reasons to quit smoking. — Amy Copeland, Ph.D.

If you are already starting your journey in quitting smoking, then that is one of the most significant things you can thank yourself for doing. Not only this decision creates a long-lasting effect on your life, but it will also make a valuable advantage in your overall health and well-being. However, everything about it purely does not go in a way that you can easily handle. There are temptations, cravings, stress, and drawbacks that you need to experience. And with the entire struggle, there is a tendency that you will emotionally, physically, and mentally bend and break. From there, you might lose the will power and motivation to continue appreciating the reason why you want to quit smoking. With this instance, you might want to listen to psychologist advice.


Path On Becoming A Successful Non-Smoker

When it comes to fulfilling a desire, you have to make sure that you don’t only picture yourself with the idea. There must be a consistency of saying no to smoking. With that, you have to remove all the doubt on your ability to change and see things through. If you decide to finally commit yourself to be a smoke-free individual for your entire life, things will genuinely become different. Yes, the whole process is complicated because smoking already associates with a psychological condition. However, with the help of proper motivational techniques, for sure, you can still make it work. Because in this type of addictive condition, a positive attitude is the most reliable asset you can have.

Picturing An End Result

Towards the journey of quitting your smoking habit, you should be able to imagine yourself as a non-smoker. Think about what your life could have been if you are not at all engaged in smoking addiction. It could be as close as a few months or a year from today. Picture yourself having more money in your wallet, or having more energy and away from other types of diseases. By thinking of a life without cigarettes, you can begin to like the idea of quitting because there is a lot that you can gain from the changes you are about to make.

The ones who quit and stuck with abstinence were the happiest to begin with and remained at the same strong level of happiness throughout. — Rick Nauert PhD


Create A Good Influence Circle

If you encircle yourself with persons who are always smoking, it will be more likely that you will end up copying their habit as well. But if you change and try to choose only those individuals that can influence your growth, you will never feel the need to smoke. Honestly, there is genuinely no point of making a big deal out of your decision of quitting. But when you are with the wrong people, the process can become twice as hard to do. Befriend those who will not only encourage you to stop smoking but will also contribute to your overall development.

Always Prioritize Your Health

A person’s mental, physical, and emotional health is fragile. Therefore, you need to take care of it, no matter what. By prioritizing your overall health, you do not just allow yourself to have a better balance. You also reduce the risk of having any damaging conditions that smoking can cause. With that, exercising becomes a key factor for better living. It does not have to be intense, though. Daily activity, such as walking, hiking, cycling, swimming, and so on, can immensely make a difference. Allow your mind and body to heal.

It seems that early on during their quitting attempt smokers who had more general interference with their cognitive function relapsed sooner. — Adi Jaffe Ph.D.


Try To Reward Yourself

Quitting on smoking requires too much energy. That is because you allowed the brain to function with its existence. With that, you need to reward yourself for every victory over your cigarette cravings. Make a habit of setting up small goals of rapid achievements. Let your hard work pay yourself. Since smoking is an expensive habit, trying not to light at least five cigarettes a day, you will amaze how much money you can save with that. The positive reinforcement will allow your mind to focus on the significant side of not smoking a piece of cigarette.

It is easy to decide to quit smoking immediately. However, the process of executing it will be the hardest part of the idea. You will more likely experience issues along the way, and persistency is difficult. It would feel like every time you try; you know that you will be most likely to fail. Additionally, the beneficial factors may not be as visible as you would expect it to be. That is why you get easily swayed from continuing the effort. But no matter how little the chances are, it will show overall progress no matter what.