Long Live The Lungs: How To Participate In The 2016 Newark Smoking Addiction Consciousness Month

Because smoking addiction is an alarming threat to people’s health nowadays, movements like the 2016 Newark Smoking Addiction Consciousness Month have raised awareness towards it.

What You Need To Know

Addiction has been one of the main causes of mental and physical health deterioration, and this can come in many ways—in drugs, alcohol, smoking, and even in small problematic habits. Given this, it’s important to educate oneself about the impact it can bring to an individual’s life.

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Addiction can happen to anyone. Smoking addiction can happen to any gender, age, and even those who aren’t direct users. Peer pressure, depression, anxiety, and other psychological problems are common causes.

Most people resort to smoking because of its stress-relieving effects. For some, it’s a coping mechanism when they are under pressure or anxious. For most teenagers, smoking becomes a way of fitting in, getting social acceptance, and belonging.

But no matter what the cause is, one thing’s for sure: too much of it can kill you.

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What Can You Do

The problem with smoking addiction is that, first, it can affect bystanders through second-hand smoking. Second, you can’t just automatically stop it. When you’re addicted to smoking, the body becomes highly dependent on your nicotine consumption. With this, it’s essential to know what measures you can do to save your lungs and prolong your life: 

Educate Yourself

Knowledge is the first step to being conscious and aware of your actions and its repercussions.


Many professionals in the field of addiction medicine have opened their doors to individuals who seek help in quitting smoking. Undergoing counseling is one of the best ways for a person to be free from smoking addiction since you’re sure to have someone to guide and help you.

Get Treatment

Many treatment plans are available for smoking addiction, and it’s best to avail of these services from licensed professionals.

Raise Awareness

Smoking addiction is not as easy as it seems, and you can be of great help to society if you educate people who continue to have a negative stigma towards it. Promote constructive, not oppressive, ideas.

Act now; it’s never too late to let your lungs live longer!