Truth About Smoking And COVID-19


There are some articles and news that circulate on the internet about the benefits of smoking or vaping. Some of this information says that the habit of inhaling nicotine helps decrease the risk of getting a Coronavirus infection. With the media’s influence, this information receives a lot of fuss among people, especially those who do not smoke. Because when they think about it, it contradicts a lot of health requirements. Thus, it is essential to note that unless the claim gets proven by science and gets handed out with specific pieces of evidence, we can’t instantly believe something we hear over the internet. So what is the truth about this vaping and smoking effect from COVID-19?


Are Those Individuals Who Vape Or Smoke More Susceptible To COVID-19?

What we all know as fact is that those persons who smoke are highly susceptible to contract viral infections. That is due to the effects of smoking and vaping on the lungs. In regards to the current Coronavirus infection, the odds of these smokers’ disease progressing to a critical condition are higher among those individuals who do not smoke. That is due to specific reasons and behavior.

First, smoking and vaping involve frequent contact with lips and fingers. These two particular behavior notes a high possibility of spreading the virus even without noticing it. And since a lot of people are not aware of knowing where their hands can get an infection, these people are most likely to put the vape or cigarette butt into their mouths without hesitation. Second, there are the sharing components of vaping and smoking. Naturally, this behavior increases the risk of transmitting the virus because it can potentially pass it from one person to another through physical contact. And when people share vapes and cigarettes, the expectation of faster transmission is there.


Do Smokers Experience Severe Health Outcome From COVID-19?

Yes, smokers make it easier for the virus to enter the body’s cells. That is due to its effect on weakening the lungs and immune system. And with its other existing contribution to the damaged health, it can eventually decrease individuals’ chances of survival from the virus infection. Specifically, due to the lungs’ damaged airways, smoking and vaping reduce the body’s capability to use oxygen properly. Thus, it can lead to a severe case of pneumonia, as for an example. That is, by the way, the most critical stage of COVID-19. Therefore, since the body’s health is compromised already, smokers can only expect one thing – health deterioration and eventual death. With that, it is reasonable to conclude that vaping and smoking can increase the risk of developing a severe infection from Coronavirus.


What To Do If You Are A Smoker?

Quitting smoke and vape in an instant is the hardest thing to do for those hard smokers. During this pandemic time, where anxiety and stress are at a higher state, not smoking becomes challenging for those people. However, it is essential to note that with the growing number of infected people, safety precautions and health protocols must be a priority. It is vital to ensure to be at the best lung condition that people should be at this challenging time of the COVID-19 infection. As the study of the Coronavirus infection is progressing, it is advised that everyone should follow the same guidelines of social distancing and frequent hand washing. If possible, they should limit vaping and smoking also to restrict their frequent contact with their lips and fingers.

Again, as of this moment, there is no single evidence that proves smoking and vaping can reduce the risk of Coronavirus infection. So if people can quit, now is the right moment.