Smoking Isn’t Just Your Problem; It’s Everybody Else’s Too

Perhaps you are wondering why it becomes a big deal for other people to call out on smokers like you. Yes, that’s because it’s dangerously not safe for your health and others as well. However, we understand that it’s not that simple to quit the habit. And by that, we assume that you already experience a lot of complications in life. But the more you think about it; smoking isn’t just your problem. It affects everyone around you including your friends, family, workmates, schoolmates, and so on. But how is that?

Smoking is the country’s number-one killer that can be prevented—every year almost one-half million individuals die because they smoked. — Jasper Smits Ph.D.


Others Consider It Normal

There are times that people vigorously complain about the smoke you puff off your mouth. But there are others that don’t care about it. These are the ones who consider smoking as a regular habit. We can’t blame them though. These people might have entirely lived their lives surrounded by individuals who find tobacco as part of their lives. And because they don’t have enough reasons to complain about its dangerous effect, they leave situations like that thinking it would not be worth a confrontation. Therefore, cigarette-addicted people intend to continue the smoking habits since there are less to no complaints.

Kids See It As An Example

You may not care enough how kids’ see you when you’re smoking cigarettes, but most of them are probably trying to learn the habit from you. Perhaps you can ignore and validate your action thinking that you can easily stop a kid from lighting a cigarette. However, as children get older, they imitate the actions you begin to show them when you were in front of them smoking. There’s a psychological process that puts them interested in what you do even if you tell them not to follow you. There are times you’ll tell them not to do it. But once you aren’t able to explain why children shouldn’t have to smoke, it will take a toll on you. It will only put them to a smoking ideology that it is okay to try it once they reach your age.

In general, people start smoking as teenagers and continue the habit into adulthood as a way to help them relax or cope with life’s pressures. Those in chronic pain may start or continue to smoke because they believe it helps alleviate the stress and discomfort associated with their condition. — Scott Dehorty MSW, LCSW-C


It’s Damaging The Environment

You probably know that your cigarette butt, if combined with others, can amount to millions of pieces. Maybe you don’t feel a little concern about where it goes after you throw it somewhere on the streets. But for the record, it damages the environment without you knowing. Since people like you are used to see cigarette butts everywhere, you don’t seem to notice it anymore. But do you know that year after year it becomes the most picked up item in every worldwide cleanup? Yes, and aside from that, most of it ends up in lakes and oceans. So try to imagine the butts being mistaken as food by small to large fishes in the sea. With that, it destroys the food cycle. Perhaps you don’t see its significance in other living things, but you’re probably already consuming it without you knowing.

It Causes Accidents

When you think about it, there are no safety precautions that can help smoking accidents from happening. That is especially when you’re not giving attention to what your cigarette can do. Some reports and cases show that lighting a cigarette in the car sometimes causes explosions. Also, there are instances that fire outbreaks come from a still-lit butt. That’s because it is a probable ignition source for liquids that are flammable. There’s a projection that links fire incidents to cigarette butts due to careless smoking. And because you sometimes don’t care enough to put out your cigarette, you happen to just throw it away.


It Pollutes The Air

You may find it enjoyable when you release that cigarette smokes out in the air. It feels relaxing and fulfilling. But do you know how much air pollution it contributes in the world? The danger it emits is approximately ten times greater than car exhaust. So imagine a lot of people releasing smoke at the same time. You’ll reach tons of chemicals out in the air that thins the ozone layer. So when that particular layer gets damaged, you can expect a more harmful result from the ultraviolet rays of the sun. Yes, other smokes release toxic chemicals as well. These include industrial and human activities such as burning plastics. But still, it doesn’t excuse you from contributing pollution either. Well, you may not see or notice its result as of the moment. However, soon enough you’ll end up regretting adding up a smoke in the air.

When we’re impulsive we, by definition, have trouble thinking outside the moment—and consequences that come down the line are precisely the types of things that are unlikely to modify our behavior. — Sarah Cotterill, PhD

With all these have been laid visible, there are still a lot of people who don’t want to consider these reasons. That’s maybe because ideas are not only about this stuff. Sometimes, people should acknowledge their mental state to overcome smoking addiction to get rid of it finally. And maybe, just maybe, it can create a little something different for the world.

The Psychology Behind The Smoking Habit

People interested in buying cigarettes will be confronted not with company logos but with health warnings printed in large fonts. Other packages will feature graphic images of diseased, tarry lungs and clogged arteries. — Sarah Cotterill, PhD

Why would someone consider smoking a cigarette when people know it contains tons of harmful chemicals? A piece of cigarette carries more than 4000 damaging chemicals such as arsenic, hydrogen cyanide, carbon monoxide, benzene, fungicides, formaldehyde, and a lot more. Is it because they think they look cool when puffing a butt? They somehow know that this thing can cause cancer, but they apparently won’t quit smoking. So why is that?


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I am A Closet Smoker – This Is My Story

How Nicotine Addiction Gripped A Secret Smoker’s Life




I am a closet smoker. If a closet gay is someone who hides his real sexual preference, I am someone who hides my vice from everyone. To the people around me, I am a cigarette-hating health buff. Inside, I am a chain-smoking someone struggling with her addiction and lying to herself.

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Passive Smoking Is More Dangerous To Your Health!

Know The Health Risks Secondhand Smoke Causes

“I was diagnosed with COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease) even though I haven’t had a smoke all my life,” opens up 56-year-old Debbie. “Both my parents were heavy smokers back in the days, though. They were chain-smokers and smoked 3 packs a day. They both died of lung-related diseases. And even if I never picked up their habit, I guess I’m going to die like a smoker, too.”

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Is E-Cig Safer Than The Real Deal?

Find Out If Switching To Vaping Is Better Than Smoking

“I’ve been a heavy smoker for 20 years. I’ve been trying to quit a number of times. The longest I went without a smoke was a month then, I fell back into the habit again. So, when I heard about vaping and how it could help smokers quit the vice, I tried it. That was 9 months ago. I’m gradually lowering my nicotine levels and next month, I’m up to zero. No withdrawals, no cravings, nothing. I’m glad I switched.”

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Why Should You Stop Smoking Cigarettes?

Smoking cigarettes, eating unhealthy foods, and buying things outside our budget are often impulsive choices—ones we make again and again, despite knowing in some broad sense that they are bad for us. — Sarah Cotterill, PhD

A cigarette is a thin tube of finely chopped tobacco leaves rolled in thin paper.  Cigarettes are not always tobacco.  It may sometimes be narcotic, herbs or a medical substance like cannabis for smoking.   It is lighted up at one end, and t smoke is inhaled at the other end.  

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Recommended Vitamins For Smokers

Quitting smoking or overcoming reliance on other behaviors—such as eating, drinking alcohol, drinking caffeine, sex, excessive exercise, and others—can be difficult. From addiction counseling and group therapy to nicotine-reduction aids and cold-turkey self motivation, there are any number of approaches for how to quit or reduce a habit. — John Smith Ph.D.

People are aware of the harmful effects of smoking most especially in the cardiovascular system as well as the respiratory system.  Despite these detrimental effects of smoking, getting rid of the habit is extremely difficult for smokers, and the rate of relapse is quite high also. To address this dilemma of curbing the addiction, it is best to be as healthy as possible in other aspects that are easily manipulated like sleep hygiene, exercise, and nutrition. Believe or not, studies show that smoking depletes the body of essential vitamins and minerals; thus, smokers are more susceptible to various illnesses.


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