What Are The Diseases Caused By Smoking?

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The American Cancer Society makes an effort to conduct programs and seminars with the goal of encouraging people to quit smoking. According to this organization, smoking can cause serious illnesses or diseases not only to those who do it but also even to non-smokers. Whether you believe it or not, smoking can give adverse effects for almost all organs in your body. Because of this, it is essential to quit this bad habit as early as possible.

Below is the list of the top smoking-related diseases that you have to be aware of:


Lung Cancer


Having lung cancer is probably the most common illness that is usually associated with smoking. As you probably know, all cigarettes have a high level of nicotine. When someone smokes these cigars, the nicotine will enter the body and end up staying in the lungs. Aside from this, the other toxic chemicals found in the tobacco products can also lead to lung cancer.


Heart Disease


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The statistics report shows that out of five persons who die, one of them had a heart attack. This only proves that heart disease is something that people must take seriously. One of the common causes of this disease is smoking. The more a person smokes, the more risks are present for the development of cardiovascular diseases.




It may sound new to you, but smoking can also worsen diabetes of the person inflicted. Several published medical papers show the link between smoking to the severe complications of diabetes. Continually ingesting nicotine can lead to decrease the blood flow in the legs that may result in ulcers or infections. In fact, the situation may get worse, and amputation may be necessary.


Ectopic Pregnancy


This is the kind of pregnancy where the fetus develops in the fallopian tube of the mother. Around eleven percent of cases involving ectopic pregnancy is directly associated with the conduct of smoking. Because of the constant use of cigarettes, women may have difficulty in conception or in giving birth.


Cleft Palates


Have you seen babies or children that have cleft palates? Are you aware that this condition can be a result of smoking? When pregnant mothers continue to smoke during the period of pregnancy, the offspring has a high chance of suffering from adverse effects on his or her health. One of these adverse effects is the likelihood of getting a cleft palate




Another adverse effect of smoking is that it increases the likelihood of stroke. Research shows that puffing cigarettes on a daily basis can make the blood thicker. As a result, the possibility of developing blood clot will also increase. Therefore, a smoker will have a higher chance of experiencing a stroke.


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There are still several diseases that could arise from the use of tobacco products. If you do not want to suffer from these illnesses, then make sure to stop smoking today. It is time to make a shift. The process of quitting smoking will not be an easy one. You will experience withdrawal syndrome. But remember that it will be worth it.