What’s Inside Your Ciggy?


There’s More To One Stick Than Nicotine

When we say smoking is dangerous, most will say it’s because of nicotine. But while the substance is responsible for making it difficult to quit the vice, there’s more to cigarettes than just this addictive substance.

And these other chemicals are what we should be wary of.


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The Alarming Numbers

Nicotine is the reason why smoking is very addictive. But aside from it, a cigarette stick contains more than 4,000 other chemicals 50 of which are cancer-causing while another 200 are detrimental to the smoker’s health and to those who get to inhale secondhand smoke.

6 of these harmful chemicals and like groups are as follows:


Yes, the same chemical used in embalming the dead is found in cigarettes. Because of its preserving qualities, its use has got to do with extending the shelf life of ciggies. But formaldehyde is highly poisonous and a cancer agent. Aside from that, it causes skin irritation and brings damage to the respiratory and the digestive systems.

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Vinyl Chloride

This substance is a plastic element used in cigarette filters, that part of the smoke stick that sieves out tar, a tobacco component said to be very dangerous as it brings significant damage to the smoker’s lungs. But filters themselves are harmful, too. Whenever a smoker takes in a cigarette hit, the smoke traveling through the filter brings particles of vinyl chloride along with it. And the latter, according to cancer experts, is responsible for some five various malignancies: cancers of the brain, liver, and lungs as well as lymphoma and leukemia.


This colorless substance is used to glue the paper together, so the tobacco is sealed inside the tube. Alarmingly, this chemical is also found in gasoline. Health experts warn that there are strong links between Benzene and leukemia, a malignancy that affects the blood cells and the bone marrow.


Heavy Metals

Heavy metals that various studies discovered in cigarettes include arsenic [the same one used for rat poisons], chromium, nickel, mercury, lead, and cadmium. Additionally, they also saw traces of the radioactive element Polonium 210 in cigarette smoke. High exposure to these heavy metals increases the smoker’s risk of getting a wide range of malignancies.


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Acids And Cleaners

These following acids, typically added in cleaning products, are found in a cigarette stick:

  • Acetic Acid
  • Stearic Acid[It is usually found in skin and hair cleansing products.]
  • Ammonia [A cleaning agent commonly added to kitchen and bathroom cleaners.]
  • Ethylene Oxide [Another cleaning component used in medical equipment and supplies sterilization.]
  • Acetone[Yes, the one used to remove nail polish.]

Toxic Gases

Hydrogen Cyanide – the same substance Hitler used to kill Jews inside his gas chambers during the WWII.

Carbon Monoxide – a toxic gas that causes death when taken in in large amounts.

Butane And Methane – These two gases are known asphyxiants. Though non-toxic, they deplete oxygen from breathing air which results in the breather dying via suffocation.


Help Is Available!

I hope that this list of dangerous chemicals found in cigarettes is good enough reason for you to consider quitting smoking. And if you find the path to recovery rough, ask for help from non-smoking friends and family members, talk to a medical professional or join a support group to help you with your addiction.